Please note: This is a Learning Community

A Learning Community is a little different than a regular project. So, what is different about a Learning Community (LC) and why should you choose it?

 In the Learning Community you will collaborate even closer with your fellow semester students, Saxion researchers and the professional field. The focus is on even more dialogue and interaction between the project teams and working together on the overall challenge! This starts with you not registering for a specific project, but for the Learning Community. The first weeks will be used to determine your personal ambition, which specific research question you will be working on and with whom. Your personal learning goals, ambition and knowledge from your study will be leading during the project. The set-up and assessment criteria are the same as for all other projects in the Smart Solutions Semester.

Learning Community: Smart Energy Transition

The Learning Community Smart Energy Transition will come together as a big group at the start of the semester. You and your clients will define the projects together. Multiple project teams will then be formed to work on the subjects described below. Furthermore you will have crossover meetings and presentations, and you will learn about project management, reporting, communication and other essential skills. During this semester you will build up a knowledge base for future research projects.

The need for a radical energy transition is high. The Dutch government wants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in 2030 by 49 percent relative to the level in 1990. This requires a transition in the energy system, whereby Dutch society uses less energy, and where the energy that is still being used is as low as possible in carbon.

Energy transition is much more than just a technological issue. Even more important than technology, is the acceptance of new sustainable energy technology by society and the opportunities that entrepreneurs see to make new business, which promotes the transition process to a low-carbon society.

So, what will you work on?
Industrial companies, governments, energy companies and civil organizations are going to develop plans to “remove gas” from residential and industrial areas, business districts and public spaces. In preparing these plans, governments and companies in the Eastern Netherlands are confronted with all kinds of questions and bottlenecks with which Smart Solutions students can get started.

This LC contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):