Organic sheets and cases conquer Europe

Bison code: L.27953

For many years kapok has been used directly from the pod as stuffing material for toys, pillows etc. It is a natural versatile fibre with many positive aspects and it is more eco-friendly than cotton. In addition to the applications mentioned before, Flokus also introduced the use of Kapok in other markets (clothing, automotive industry). The material itself can also be used for bedding materials. Flokus has been approached by a wholesaler that is interested to buy bedding sheets designed and developed for the Healthcare Industry. This bedding sheet should be comfortable for the patient, easy to use for the caregivers and also be able to deal with “accidents” (faeces and urine).  In the best scenario these sheets also include some types of sensor that can notify the caregivers when needed. Although there are some products available, the market is looking for the latest innovations that provide comfort for the patient and are as soft as kapok.

Cluster: Future Sleeping

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