Please note: This is a Learning Community

A Learning Community is a little different than a regular project. So, what is different about a Learning Community (LC) and why should you choose it?

 In the Learning Community you will collaborate even closer with your fellow semester students, Saxion researchers and the professional field. The focus is on even more dialogue and interaction between the project teams and working together on the overall challenge! This starts with you not registering for a specific project, but for the Learning Community. The first weeks will be used to determine your personal ambition, which specific research question you will be working on and with whom. Your personal learning goals, ambition and knowledge from your study will be leading during the project. The set-up and assessment criteria are the same as for all other projects in the Smart Solutions Semester.

Learning Community: ‘Unsolicited Advice’

Learning Community Unsolicited Advice:
In this Smart Solutions Semester Learning Community there is no predefined client! We are looking for independent, autonomous students that have a pro-active attitude. We expect you to feel comfortable with not having a clear predefined assignment. You will be able to define your own professional and personal learning goals. You will be challenged to think ‘out of the box’. You will participate in and contribute to an inspiring learning environment to develop new innovative ideas.

Globalisation, rapidly developing new technologies and borderless communication have a major impact on our society and on our lives. At the same time, huge challenges arise in the field of environment, global warming, equal rights and poverty/wealth. Despite the need for changing the way we do things now, it seems hard for some companies/organisations to change and take responsibility. The fundament of your advice will be based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), developed by the United Nations, The Global Goals. These are the starting point for the choice of the company and the theme of the assignment. With this project, you have the opportunity to pick your battle and become a dynamic force to stimulate companies & organisations to take a step forward.

Company background:
There is no predefined company or client (yet!). Nowadays, more and more companies realise they must change their business model to become more environmentally friendly, apply equal rights and take better care of their underpaid workers. But there are also companies/organisations that should or need to contribute more to the global challenges, but that are not convinced yet or do not realise they should. In this project, you as a team get the chance to choose any company or client in any industry, profit or non-profit organisation, that could use a good piece of advice!

The goal of this project:
The goal of this project is that you, as part of a team, develop unsolicited advice, based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), for a potential client in a domain/industry selected by the team itself! The advice could be focused on raising awareness, taking action, creating a vision/strategy or a combination of them for the selected areas of research.

So, who do you think needs a good piece of advice? And how will you convince them to take action? As a team you decide how, when and where this advice will be presented or delivered.  With this assignment, we give you the chance to add something relevant to the needs and challenges the world is facing. We invite you to make a difference!  We will provide you with support on this exciting journey by sharing our network and enabling you to think creatively and out of the box! It is a unique experience that provides you maximum freedom to choose your own learning path!

This LC contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):