Please note: This is a Learning Community

A Learning Community is a little different than a regular project. So, what is different about a Learning Community (LC) and why should you choose it?

 In the Learning Community you will collaborate even closer with your fellow semester students, Saxion researchers and the professional field. The focus is on even more dialogue and interaction between the project teams and working together on the overall challenge! This starts with you not registering for a specific project, but for the Learning Community. The first weeks will be used to determine your personal ambition, which specific research question you will be working on and with whom. Your personal learning goals, ambition and knowledge from your study will be leading during the project. The set-up and assessment criteria are the same as for all other projects in the Smart Solutions Semester.

Learning Community: Innovation of Infrastructure & Construction for a Circular Economy

The current and future societal challenges within construction and infrastructure are enormous. We are on the verge of the transition to a circular economy, in which we no longer use primary raw materials and no longer emit CO2. It has been agreed nationally that these goals must be achieved by 2050, with 50% achieved by 2030.

If we want to achieve these goals, we really need to do things differently. Not old wine in new bottles, but really different. If you really want to change you have to intervene in all aspects simultaneously, at every level. From circular goals, to circular products, other business processes, to innovative digital resources, integration of disciplines and to new forms of collaboration. To really bring about that change, we need everyone. People from governments, entrepreneurs, but certainly also students like you, who can think outside the box and come up with fresh and new ideas.

Five projects from five clients have been placed in this learning community. The projects are based on infrastructure and/or construction topics (or a combination of infrastructure & construction). As all projects have many similarities, we will closely work together in this learning community. With this we want to ensure that we learn, innovate and co-create together. Topics that are woven into the learning community include: circularity, sustainability, processes, digitization, new business models, change processes, digitization (such as BIM, Digital Twins, Internet of Things, 3D design, blockchain, big data, Artificial Intelligence, Product innovations), circular and biobased products, circular design and construction, emission-free construction, asset management, materials passports, materials marketplace, circular revenue models, application of Total Cost of Ownership and citizen participation.

This LC contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):