Is Holland ready for personalised hair care?

Bison code: L.27919

We launched FNGRPRNT in July 2020. FNGRPRNTS is a Dutch personalised beauty brand: you can create your personalised shampoo and conditioner online. Customers go through a questionary, and based on the answers, a formula will be created. Choose your favourite label, of course your name will be on it, and choose your favourite fragrance as well. Within 3 – 6 days you will receive your personalised shampoo & conditioner at home. Each formula will be unique. An online hair passport will be available and formulas can be changed anytime.

Formulas are vegan, we use no silicones, parabens and sulphates, and ingredients are as natural as possible.

After working with a digital agency the last months and trying several online campaigns on social, google ads and email flow, it appears too hard to sell the product. We collected a lot of data about our target group: engagement with an older group but conversion by a younger group. We see a lot of interaction, many people are curious and started the questionary, however we see a lot of abandoned carts. There are some technical website issues, we can solve.

Main questions: how can we create demand around FNGRPRNTS? Quality of the product is not a discussion, but is the current overall brand identity able to create a love brand? Is the look and feel of the brand desiring enough? Does it need a restyle?

Why are there so many people who start the questionary but wo do not come to a conversion? Is the customer journey failing? Is it too expensive and do people not see the added value of using a personalised shampoo?

Cluster: Create Smart Business