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Programme Symposia

Check out the symposia to get an impression of the Smart Solutions Semester!

During the symposia, the different Smart Solutions Semester FALL 2020 – 2021 project groups will showcase their Smart Solutions and discuss their journey within the different clusters. Their audience will be their fellow students, tutors, clients, and of course you! These events are fully organised and executed by the students themselves, so each cluster will give their own and unique (digital) twist to the event. Most events will take place during week 2.6, however, some dates might differ.

See the schedule below. Have a look at the extra information provided by the organisers to know what to expect! To join the digital events, click on the ‘link to join the symposium’ during the mentioned times. You will be redirected to their digital platforms. Enjoy!

Circular Economy

Circular Product Innovation


Project Genie App 1

Project Deep UV Cabinet


Create Smart Business

Data for a Better Future

Design for Health and Wellbeing

Developing Buildings and Landscapes

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  • Tuesday 12 January 2021
  • 09:00 – 11:30
  • E-mail organisers for access to symposium, see more information
  • More information from organisers

Deventer of the Future

Drones and Robotics

Education in Healthcare

Future Education

Future Tourism

Get Moving

Innovations for Food & Agriculture

Learning Community All Inclusive

Lifestyle and Healthy Ageing – 1

Lifestyle and Healthy Ageing – 2

Medical Lab on a Chip

No waste – Clean Water

Past and Future Wood Use

Personal Heritage

Preventative Healthcare Technology

Remote Sensing

Security & Evidence

Smart Energy Transition Pioneers

Smart Materials

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Living & Housing

Sustainable Materials & Product Development

Technology for Testing

Technology in Elderly Care

Technology in Healthcare