Positive Health

Language: English/Dutch (English unless no international students participate) | Location: Enschede

In the Netherlands, we do something unique in healthcare: we don’t focus on how sick you are but on what you can still do. This movement is called positive health. As a student in this Learning Community, you will design and create Smart Solutions that revolve around implementing this vision. For example, a group of students renovated an entire hospital ward for children, allowing them to play while waiting in a climbing jungle. Another group helped the Enschede marathon develop an app that keeps participants engaged with their event long-term from the perspective of positive health. This Learning Community is perfect for you if you enjoy thinking outside the box, have a positive outlook on life, and are interested in health issues that cannot be solved from just one perspective. You can expect projects in this Learning Community to have a high societal impact and significantly improve the lives of people who need care or may become ill in the future. Are you ready for a more positive view on health?