Digital World

Language: English | Location: Enschede

Have you ever played Habbo Hotel, The Sims, or are you now part of a digital community? In this Learning Community, we focus on worlds that certainly exist but are not tangible. You do this by delving into technologies such as digital fashion, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), and blockchain.

You might even research how fast fashion can be stopped by creating a digital passport for clothing. So you can see where your pants come from and hold producers accountable for their material usage.

Additionally, you could work on a project about the inclusivity of digital worlds. What opportunities do they offer, for example, in healthcare? Can a chronically ill patient feel alive again by using VR? Or by leading a digital life from their bed. And what does that look like?

Finally, we believe in the power of visualization to bring clothing product features to life. Whether it’s simulating fabrics, displaying fits, or presenting personalized designs, visual technologies play a crucial role in improving the shopping experience and fostering consumer engagement.

Together, we will explore, learn, and innovate at the intersection of digital worlds, fashion, healthcare, and technology. You will temporarily leave our world to research digital worlds for Smart Solutions. Let’s pool our creativity and strive for a future where fashion is not only beautiful but also responsible, inclusive, and groundbreaking.