Business Models for Healthcare

Language: Dutch | Location: Deventer

Become an Innovator in Healthcare and contribute to better people’s well-being: Join the Learning Community ‘Business Models for Healthcare’!

Are you a passionate student with a love for healthcare and business? Do you not only want to learn, but also innovate and collaborate on challenging projects? Then this Learning Community is the place for you!

What can you expect?
• Hands-on Projects: Work with clients on healthcare issues, create new value propositions or rethink existing solutions.
• Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Meet students from different disciplines. Learn from each other and bring diverse perspectives together.
• Inspiring Workshops: From hackathons to design thinking sessions. Develop your skills and unleash your creativity.
• Networking: Build relationships with companies, experts and fellow students. You might even meet your future employer!

Why participate?
• Boost your CV: Work on projects and add valuable experience to your portfolio.
• Broaden your Horizons: Learn not only about technology, but also about entrepreneurship, ethics, business models and social impact.
• Become a Problem Solver: Develop your analytical skills and learn to tackle complex challenges.
• In short, our Learning Community is the place where you can convert your passion for healthcare into concrete results. Get involved and make the difference!