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In september 2015 the leaders of 193 memberstates of the United Nations agreed upon 17 so-called Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). The SDG’s concern the most urgent problems in the world such as No poverty, Gender equality and Clean and affordable energy. Countries are called to action to translate the SDG’s into national objectives and policies to contribute to justice, safety and welfare in the world. As a result, Saxion has signed the SDG’s on march 29th 2018. What this means exactly is work in progress and still has to be transferred into concrete actions from the various Saxion courses and academies. As the Smart Solutions Semester we would like to take a lead in supporting this initiative and find innovative ways to spread the word of the SDG’s and what they could mean for different target audiences representing different industries. It is the task of the project group to select a target industry, a target communication group and one or more SDG’s to focus on. Based on experiences from previous project groups, the following examples might provide some inspiration: How can an escape room game be used to address the SDGs. How can students from different Saxion courses impact SDG 12 -Responsible consumption and production, how could a responsible fashion collection make a statement to support SDG 6 – Clean water and sanitation, how can Saxion students influence different stakeholders (eg. politics, consumers, students) regarding SDG 4 – Quality Education? The results of the project could be diverse, varying from a promotional campaign using games/products/prototypes/apps to a communication strategy for a specific Saxion course or SDG goal. To prepare for this project, a 1-day workshop will be organized for the project groups, to prepare and get a better understanding of what the SDG’s are all about. More information about this will follow after the project kick-off.
Note: Multiple project groups can participate in this project, provided each project group has a different target industry, target communication group and SDG to focus on.

MEDiLOO®, Smart Public Health Sanitation

This project provides smart sanitation solutions for sewage-less settlements with many people living closely together in challenging conditions, such as with poor water quality and limited sanitation. These kind of situations are often breeding grounds for epidemic outbreaks. Improving basic facilities on the one hand, and early detection of potential epidemic outbreaks allowing for proper medical treatment on the other hand, is needed to increase health and living standards for many. Ensuring healthy lives and promoting wellbeing for all is important to building prosperous societies. Saxion International Water Technology (IWT) teams up with the partners behind MEDiLOO®, in order to work on developing and implementing new and integrated solutions for the previously mentioned challenges. MEDiLOO® is a crossover invention, currently under development for early identification and prevention of disease spread, monitoring of public health and detection of epidemic outbreaks, by combining advanced technology and cutting-edge sanitation. MEDiLOO® is a valuable addition to existing public health systems which can be adapted to various states of medical development and local circumstances. It is not a replacement for traditional medical diagnostic methods; its main benefits are: improving sanitation management, especially under challenging conditions usually prevailing in less developed countries, continuous non-invasive monitoring of the health of its users, and early indication of diseases and outbreaks. Dehydration of a person is a common indication of possible diseases and is best treated immediately by providing clean drinking water with Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS). Clean water is also needed for using sanitation in general, both for flushing the toilet and washing hands. On the other hand, urine and feces are sources of water and nutrients which could be reused after proper filtration and post-treatment. The aim of this project is to develop the MEDiLOO® functionalities in relation to 1) clean drinking water solutions for ORS treatment of dehydration, 2) clean water solutions for integration into the MEDiLOO® sanitation infrastructure, for example access to filtered rain-, surface- and/or groundwater suitable for washing hands and flushing the MEDiLOO® sanitation, and 3) solutions for urine and feces treatment for water and nutrients harvesting and reuse.

Innovative technopreneurial productdesign in tourism

Worldwide, there are major global disruptions which influence the technical innovation in tourism related productdesign. In order to respond to market driven opportunities in which proven new technologies provide advantages for competitive destinations, this project focuses on product development in a tourism design lab. Topics such as immersive storytelling, multi media use and data driven opportunities will be part of the design thinking process. Because of sustainability issues such as climate change, scarcity of raw materials, biodiversity and excessive use of fossil resources, this innovative product design will meet the international sustainable development goals. The United Nations has set these goals for 2030, such as active management to combat climate change, more sustainable business innovation and sustainable use of our ecosystems. The use of innovative technologies in technopreneurship, in balance with the sustainability goals, require a transition in tourism productdesign in order to realize meaningful business. Veluwe as a tourist area is looking for a way to strengthen cohesion, cooperation and focus. This is how the concept of experience areas was created. This concept will serve as a method for developing new, sustainable tourism products and services in the area. The starting point is that each area of Veluwe also has its own accents to experience. This is quite a challenge. During the project, you will investigate proven new technologies and possibilities to apply them in the design process, including data analytics to interprete the customer journey of several tourist segments. During the project you investigate the market developments in tourism, the ins and outs of technopreneurschip in tourism and the competitive edge in which entrepreneurs, destination management organisations, landscape organisations (responsible for biodiversity) work together in developing an attractive destination. Guiding questions are: Which new technologies and design principles are available to develop attractive tourism products? How can good goverance between the involved stakeholders (entrepreneurs, landscape- and nature organisations/NGO’s and municipalities) provide a sound base for sustainable productdesign and a business proposition? On a strategic level, you will explore how the region should guide the transition to a sustainable economy. You map out what favorable conditions are to reduce negative effects in the triple P and to increase innovative tourism products in the Veluwe.

Green game changers with a revolutionary and innovative app

What is Together We Separate? (TWS) We’re a startup, founded by a young entrepreneur with big dreams. TWS is working on a revolutionary, innovative and technical solution, to resolve the current problems with household waste. TWS contributes to the requirements for circular economy, as set by the government. Why are we doing this? With the innovative app, created by Together We Separate, connected to a profitable business model, we are going to help local governments and companies solve their problems in the waste sector. By stimulating behavior change, we are helping them to increase their separation percentages. Our customers will have several financial and sustainable benefits. To earn more money, and make the world a better place. People: Contribute to society trough making household waste cheaper and easier to process. Planet: We want better separated waste because it has sustainable benefits. Profit: We have a profit motive and want to grow in the waste sector. What are we going to do? The past year we did a lot of research and we tested the idea, potential partners and customers we’re interested in our product. The next step for our business is doing a lot of different research, to make the perfect concept app and prototype with many different features, that ultimately achieves behavioral change at home. We want to build a very good website and platform to offer our products and thoughts. All the different ideas must be linked to a strong businessmodel with creative marketing and strong revenue streams. How? First, lots of research is required. The main purpose of this research will be: “Getting consumers to separate waste, better”. The  research required, is about the following subjects: We have to investigate the current situation, so that we gain insights in the current situation in which households seperate waste. We have to investigate the use of mobile apps as well, so that we gain insights in which ways, mobile apps can cause behavioral change. Furthermore there has to be advanced research, in what ways current apps work, what they can do, and which improvements are required. After analyzing the results of these works, there is advanced research required, on how to market the created product in an efficient way. So that everybody will be able to gain access to, and properly use, the created product. The technical and commercial factors need to be combined perfectly to build the TWS waste app, platform and website. First we need a concept to build the perfect prototype for testing. We need a constant process of building and testing to add all the different features for the best results without any problems. This is a constant process which requires improvements all the time. The business model will need an innovative profit model with revolutionary commercial aspects, we are likely going to focus on the business to government market, but we are open for innovative and revolutionary suggestions from all students on this project. Does this fit you? Are you searching for a project with many exciting and fun aspects? And would you like to contribute to a startup that wants to grow globally, work with governments and other big companies? This is the place to be. We are working on our dream and want to become a young company with creative, technical and revolutionary product and we would love to see you joining this journey!

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