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This cluster consists of the following projects:

Neolithic Burial Mounds Experience

An interactive (visual) experience that allows visitors of a new to build tourist center to experience the culture and stories behind the neolithic burial mounds. Topics: storytelling, animation, video, media concept, history

Historical Storytelling Animation Concept

An animation/video storytelling concept consisting of multiple short stories around important, but lesser known historical events. External partner: Nymus3D. Topics: storytelling, animation, video, media concept, history.

Artificial Electronic Dance Music Creator

A prototype intelligent EDM/video creator that utilizes (body) sensors, computer vision, machine learning and adaptive audio to generate personalized audio and video experience. Partners: PLANETART, WARP Technopolis and DJ’s like Bas Amro and Joep Wiertz. Topics: sound, adaptive audio, (bio)-sensors, artificial intelligence.

Procedural world creation & real data

A prototype application that can procedurally combine different real-world data sources into a realistic, visual compelling and interactive 3D visualization of both the area above ground and the subsoil. The data will be provided by the Twentse municipalities, NAM and TNO and other open sources. Topics: proceduralism, 3D, game engines, city building, creating awareness.

VR Live Performance Arts

Explore the use of VR to bring live music to people’s homes. Partners: KITT Engineering, Metropool and SymfoniaTopics: Live performance arts, VR, business models, motion capture, computer arts.

FIFA data analysis and visualization

Development of tools for eSporters to give them that edge in FIFA by providing, interpreting and visualizing their in-game data. We will work closely together with professional FIFA players. Partners: UT-IEBIS, eDivisie, Team Gullit and Scisports. Topics: computer vision (to scrape in-game elements), data visualization, data interpretation, tool development, eSports.

Bullying game

A prototype for a game to create awareness about the impact of being bullied in order to change behavior. Partner: University of Melbourne. Topics: serious gaming, bullying, awareness-raising, campaigning.

Neighborhood building game

A prototype game to  to allows citizens to explore the different aspects of how certain actions influences the flood risk in its own neighborhood, based on data from an existing data platform with water-related data (e.g. rainfall data, weather data, soil composition data, and so on). Topics: serious gaming, climate change, awareness-raising.

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