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This cluster consists of the following projects:

Stichting Enschede Marathon

The Stichting Enschede Marathon has a long tradition in organizing  the oldest marathon event in the Netherlands. As such, they are continiously searching for optimizing the running experience for all stakeholders, ie. runners, audience, sponsors, etc.  Since a few years, Saxion is a partner of the marathon and is already involved in various research projects regarding for example water supplies, health of the runners, etc. and will continue to do so through existing connections. In addition to this, the Stichting would now like to explore further opportunies for an interdisciplinary Smart Solutions team to work on a variety of questions such as:

  • Experience enhancement: how can the experience of the marathon be enhanced by using technology to engage runners & fans more during the event. For example geo tagging could be a wearable technology to explore here using sensors.
  • Sustainability: how can the awareness and actual action on sustainability around the event be increased? Here for example one could think of designing a new sustainable outfit which contains sustainable materials/designs.
  • Overheating challenges: Since a few years, the overheating problem during running events seems to be an increasing challenge for the organizers. How can smart technology be applied to regulate body temperature and keep the runners cool and prevent overheating during the event.

These are first directions, depending on the interest of the participating students the final selection for the topic will be made in close conjunction with the client. Note: A first group of students is currently working on this project already, yet, due to the corona situation not all the original objectives can be  achieved. Depending on the output of this project team and the requirements of the client, a new direction will be given tot his project!

Precursor in professional amateur sports

To become precursor in professional amateur sports, our idea is to develop an app for sport trainers. With the app, we want to offer trainers a professional program which they can use to build their training. Besides that, they can use the app to create a recovery program for injured players. We are forward-looking, so we also want to add AR to our program. We would like to further develop our app with the help of several study programs. We would like to have help with our AR ideas, the statistics and with the content of our program. At the moment we are busy with a football program, but we are very interested to see if we can use the results from the Saxion Smart Solutions for different sports. The content we want to use has te be from a decent level and needs to show up in a good position in Google. We also would like to add the study program fysiotherapy to our project, so that we can monitor sport players during their exercise and during injuries. We would like to offer a special program, including a fysiotherapist, for every athlete with an injury, to give advice and to help with the injury. by combining these different programs with the ICT program, students can find out how and what data we can use in our application. However, we also want to give students the space to show creativity and bring in new ideas. Entrepeneur students can also prove helpful in this project, as they can add creativity for new solutions.

ZGT moves!

Are you the student to get hospital patients moving, and thus improve their fitness levels?
With which creative adjustments to the building, interior design, logistics and technology are you going to entice the patient to move more? How does this fit into the nurses’ daily work and high workload? Do you want to help answer these questions and make a difference? Then this project is for you!

Mapping sportrisks

The existing solution Sportkeur helps with charting and qualifying all kinds of risks surrounding sports. These can be physical risks (constructive safety, fire safety), but also social risks. It can concern risks of for example gyms, playgrounds, but also sport events. It consists of a central online environment combined with native apps (Android and iOS) for phones and tablets to be used in the field which provide protocols, checklists, drawings and links to relevant rules and laws. As part of the Sportkeur 2.0 project, the existing solution will be expanded. Depending on the expertise available in the 3s project team and the COVID-19 quarantaine rules at that time, the project focus can be adjusted to make a good fit. Showing CAD and BIM models of the buildings and structures, so that problem areas can be indicated directly on these models. User testing and improving the usability of the application and newly developed functionality. Developing wizards to make it easier to chart and qualify risks. Developing training materials for using the application.

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