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Note: this cluster is suitable for VPK- and G&T-students with the specialisation Hartfunctielaborant
This cluster consists of the following projects:

Test- and Trainingslab Care Technology

The objective of the Test- and Training-lab Care Technology is to develop an optimal learning environment at Saxion for applying technology in the homecare. Up to know, Saxion has theoretical lessons in healthcare related study programs (like Nursing and Health and Technology). However, practical lessons in which care technology is tested along a given assignment is not sufficiently incorporated in these study programs. In recent years Saxion has acquired some fancy technology which are of interest to incorporate in healthcare programs (like VR technology, motion sensors, serious games, etc.). However, up till now a systematic incorporation of practical lessons in study programs for learning how to use care technology is missing. Also, the acquisition of new technology may be of interest if there is a good argumentation for incorporating it in the education of healthcare programs. In the first semester of 2019-2020, new practical lessons with incorporation of care technology were developed. In the 2nd semester of 2019-2020, an instructional program was built for implementation of practical skills lessons. Now, we would like to implement and evaluatie these practical skills lessons within healthcare related study programs. This will help us to improve our educational programs.

Virtual reality impression of heart function laboratory technician

To introduce young people to a interesting/challenging profession that focuses on dealing with the combination of people/employees and technology. Virtual reality as a tool to get a good impression of working as a heart function laboratory technician. Introduce young people to the versatility of the profession as a heart function laboratory technician, without having to arrange an intership immediately. With the help of virtual reality, young people can accessible form a picture and can more or less feel what the profession entails. It can be helpful in making a good decission for a study and professional career. To order to make this project a success student of various studyprograms should participate. on the one hand, students must have professional knowledge on the other hand, they must be able to touch, stir and move students to make a choice for the profession of heart function laboratory technician. This requires not only the participation of nursing students but also students who have good communication skills and students who are able to design a virtual environment.

Knowledge Festival Health & Technology

We’re looking for a multidisciplinary group of students who will help us organise the first major online Health & Technology Knowledge Festival. This festival targets MBO and HBO students, as well as professionals from the Twente and Achterhoek region. Our aim is 2.500 to 3.000 online participants. Together, we really want to create something unique, innovative and great, with a nice mix of current and future professionals from these different sectors: VVT, GHZ, WMO / Jeugd, GGZ, Revalidatie / Ziekenhuizen, study programmes Saxion AGZ and AMM. Our goal is to increase the knowledge of technology in Health and Welfare in an inspiring manner. We organise these festivals together with Technologie & Zorg Academie Twente en Achterhoek, Saxion, HAN, Graafschap college, and the ROC van Twente. There is plenty of space for your own input and ideas. Our question to the students is to look into the feasibility of the organisation of such a big online knowledge event. Stakeholders and target groups (students, lecturers, companies, organisations) should be involved to determine the wants and needs, and based on this information, a smart plan for this knowledge festival can be shaped together with TZA. This can also involve the design of communication tools etc. These solutions can then be utilized (online) by TZA.

Technology will take over my job in health and well-being – true or false?

Technology changes health and wellbeing. Nurses and social workers use interactive carerobots, applications and electronic databases to increase the quality of care and decrease the workload of professionals. On the other hand, one of the main reasons for choosing a job in health and well-being is the human interaction and taking care of vulnerable people. In line with this, technology can be perceived as ‘cold’ or ‘taking over my job’. Is this a contraction? In this project you will work together with an interdisciplinairy research group to investigate how bachelor and master students perceive their future jobs and the rol of technology. And of course: how can we bridge the gap. We use two cases in this project: 1) hartzorg op afstand: in this care intervention patients with heart failure monitor their health at home and sent their personal health data to the hospital. Nurses can monitor their patients at a distance and 2) Mijn Omgeving: in social work this platform is used to coach citizens. Citizens can describe their goals in life and follow different online courses. If needed, social workers can advise or give feedback/assignments. Often professionals are confronted with the technology, are unsure how to use it in practice and have limited ‘regelcapacity’. The Coronacrisis shows that technology is implemented in a short period of time, without taken the expertise and perspective of professionals into account. In order to realize longterm use of technology, the skills and perspective of professionals are key. Will you help us to make the match between human and technology?

Future Proof Learning Centre

Designing a future proof learning centre in times of corona; a thrilling and current challenge! MST employs roughly 3700 people who, directly or indirectly, use their skills and expertise for patient well being. A valuable mission in a complex and challenging organisation, especially during the corona crisis. The corona crisis is having a major impact on the world and is putting great pressure on the healthcare sector. Teamwork, trust and adepting to changing circumstances are key success factors to cope with the current situations. Besides the adaptation for coping with corona, MST is also continouisly adjusting to changes in society and its region `twente’. Some examples: cooperations with both, internal and external stakeholders and attracting and retaining talented employees. MST is constantly trying to adapt to the challenges it is facing. The first step is always to match students and professionals to get both acquinted with one another. The future employee is a valuable person who needs time and space to develop themselves into the best professional he or she can be. The next generation is looking for personal contact, appreciation, liberty, meaningful and personal development. All of which can be found in a healthcare environment. A hospital is more than just a doctor at the bed. Every professional is indispensable for the best care possible. This includes security, technicians, cleaning, HRM, finance and so on. A short introduction to the workplace of a dynamic and complex organization. Besides the introduction to one another it is also vital to inspire and share a common understanding to learn and develop. Derived from the strategy, vision and mission of MST, a central space where science, expertise, health, education and innovation can be exchanged, is needed. MST has concrete plans to develop a learning center, which enables them to facilitate (online) education, (online) meetings, hygiene standards and to share knowledge and skills with other healthcare professionals. Expertise = cooperation with partners and businesses in the region and strengthen existing alliances. Healthcare = current insights and the best available knowledge in the field are present in MST Science = Adopting innovations and matching supply and demand in the (regions) science environment Education = new education types such as (online) learning communities and design thinking. A meeting and study center for both, student and professional. Innovation = stimulating new ideas and developments regarding learning methods and communications tools.

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