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This cluster consists of the following projects:

A smart routing system to invite and engage visitors in retail shops and events in the city center of Deventer

The Region Development research group actively contributes to solve inner-city and retail issues in the province of Overijssel. A lot of commercial and public activities take place in city centers like retail shops, cultural events, restaurants and bars, business activities and the presence of challenging museums. A well-functioning city center is an important engine of the local and regional economy. Furthermore, the vitality of a city strongly depends on an attractive and well-functioning city center. The inner cities have changed significantly last years. The current economic crisis, the changing shopping behavior of consumers, the rise of online shops and demographic changes are heavily affecting the inner cities. If you walk in a city center you will see many vacant retail properties and visitor flows decreased. The challenge is to develop vital and future-proof inner cities.  A well-functioning city center though requires visitors to find their way easily and to get in touch with interesting retail shops, events and attractions. Furthermore, a good spread of visitor flows is also desirable. Under the influence of changes in the retail sector, the municipality of Deventer intends to influence visitor flows in the city center. An important question here is how streets, areas, retail shops and special attractions can be made more findable and visible. Consumers in the city center are, in the future situation, more easily connected to retailers, exciting art and cultural events through digital and interactive navigation. The goal is to influence the visitor flows through a smart routing system in space, time, number and type. During this Smart Solutions project you will develop a smart location based marketing tool that ensures vivid interaction with the visiting consumers in the city center of Deventer. The tool encourages visitors to discover inspiring places in the city center, increase their purchasing behavior in the retail shops, spread visitor flows across the city center, find their way and learn more about Deventer. The digital tool has the advantage that consumers can be actively reached during mobile moments. The tool also helps to obtain information about how visitors behave in time and space. These insights might help retailers to positively influence the shopper experience of consumers and to increase their perception of the city center. Will you join us?

The City as Employer

Within this platform, which is being created by Deventer Informatiestad, we look at things from the city’s perspective, and not the businesses. We want professionals to not work for a specific company, but for the city. To look at what the posibillities are when it comes to societal issues, which needs are there. And to ask themselves, where should I work to  benefit the city the most? Within this platform, the benefit of the city is the main goal, so rotation within the city is possible! But we need help with this. How can we structure the platform ‘de stad als werkgever’ so that the city and its organisations (learn to) look at what somebody’s capabilities are. To determine what this person’s interests are and where it matches the needs of the city. You don’t have to rely on someones education in this, you can also think along the lines of re-training. So, what do we need to structure and optimise this platform? And where can we get the necessary social capital, and how can we make the best use of this?

Grow Together

Within Deventer Informatiestad (DIS), we aim to increase supply and demand within the business community. In this, we look beyond just the job vacancies, but we look at the possibilities to share knowledge, organise knowledge sessions, and at how companies can make use of each other. For example, company A has a Scrum problem and shares this with the DIS platform. Company B has dealt with this before, and can share their knowledge. And in helping others, companies may actually get to know different markets, improve creativity and grow together. So, how can companies help each other grow. The platform’s question in this is: What does it take to realise this ambition, and how can we structure this platform to provide this level of sharing and transparency.  Moreover, what does it yield?

Together in the picture

What will it take to turn Deventer into a vibrant IT city which appeals to (young) professionals as a working and living destination? Deventer holds many large and small IT companies, e.g. Topicus, Parantion, Deventer Ziekenhuis, and the Gezondheidsdienst voor dieren. However, the current findability and image result in one thing: outstanding vacancies and insufficient growth opportunities. Deventer Informatiestad (DIS) is working on better positioning the city, both nationally and regionally. In this, living and working is key. What branding strategy is necessary to improve the current brand experience and positioning. Which effective marketing and communication strategies / campaigns will bring the right results? So think of image, brand experience, events, etc!

Working together on development and innovation

At Deventer Informatiestad (DIS), we are working on developing a platform in which ‘social innovation’ for the city plays an important role. What do we mean with social innovation? Together one city working together!
What forms of cooperation are possible with the existing companies and organisations in Deventer? Think collaboration between different disciplines and companies in multidisciplinairy teams, for example. Is it possible to exchange/rotate employees via this platform, and can we set up a recruitment campus for these companies? But also, how can we make better use of freelancers (zzp’ers) for the city, and what optimalisation process is necessary for this.
So, what do we need to achieve this? What are the opportunities and threats? And of course, what will this yield?
In a nutshell, how can we achieve this all-inclusive, transcending labour market in which companies experiment with exchanging personnel (sustainable and social entrepreneurship).

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