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This cluster consists of the following projects:

Serene Place Phase 2 – Co-designing and implementing an interactive interior concept

Aveleijn, location ‘de Wielewaal’, is looking for innovative ways to use ICT and non-ICT elements to create an innovative and interactive design concept for their central hallway, which is stimulating and yet relaxing for their clients. Location ‘de Wielewaal’ houses 39 clients with a intellectual disability aged between 45 and 75 years. Some clients experience related or additional conditions/symptoms such as dementia, wandering behavior, sensory processing sensitivity and visual impairment. Clients live in their own studio apartments, that are bordering on the hallway. De Wielewaal also offers various day care programs for their clients which take place in the common living room. This project is a follow-up on an earlier collaboration between SSS students, lectoraat TH&C and Aveleijn. In the first phase of the project the needs and wishes of the clients, their relatives and the staff members were explored. Based on this need analyses a first design concept for the hallway was developed and evaluated with the three target groups. The goal of the current project (phase 2) is to further develop, test and refine this interactive design concept and work towards (a plan for) implementation. During this project we apply a user-centered approach, meaning that the design concept is developed and evaluated in close collaboration with the clients, their relatives and the staff members. Do you want to work on a innovative design concept and help to improve the quality of life of the residents of “de Wielewaal”? Then this project is for you!

Design an application for students

Do you know how to design and develop applications (think of an app/website)? Then help ‘Eet je mee?’ by designing an application for the concept and making it attractive for students to use. The concept, set up by three students from ‘Ondernemerschap and Retail Management’, helps students to make new social contacts. The concept was created to combat loneliness among students by helping students to develop more social contacts in the area they live in. This is done through an application where students can get to know new contacts through profiles and fun activities. We believe that technology is needed to take the next step with our company. In this project, you will make an interaction design (wireframe) and develop the application on which the concept can be put into action. The concept has been researched and developed and is ready to be poured into an application. The intention is that students will be able to talk to each other through the application, arrange meetings and much more. The project team also needs to investigate how the application can be implemented by the users. It is also possible for the project team to contribute their own ideas regarding the application. At this moment there is still a Smart Solutions project in progress for this company. This group is investigating which application the target group finds interesting and how the application should be set up. With the start of the new project, the company does not yet have an interpretation for this. It is up to this group to, based on the research report from the first group, discuss what the application should look like and which functions it should have. Can you help us with this interaction design and develop the application? Then you are the person we are looking for!

Implementation and Communication Plan to implement toolbox “Mijn Blik” in the Netherlands

Since May 1st 2018, a multidisciplinary team is working on the development and implementation of a toolbox called “Mijn Blik” for patients with COPD and/or heart failure and their relatives. The toolbox contains tools that should enable and support patients and relatives to express their perspective during consultations with doctors and nurses. For healthcare professionals, it is important to know this to provide tailored  care according to the values, needs, preferences and unique situation of both patient and relative. This will increase quality of care and quality of life. In June 2020, “Mijn Blik” will be implemented in the region Achterhoek and Zutphen in three local hospitals and several general practices. After this test-implementation with 15 doctors/nurses and 300 patients & relatives, we want to implement “Mijn Blik” nationwide in the Netherlands. Are you willing to support us in empowering patients and relatives by giving them a voice during medical consultations so that we can improve their quality of care and life? Are you willing to develop an implementation & communication plan for the implementation of “Mijn Blik” nationwide? Do you want to work in a multidisciplinary team with the ambition to implement this new innovation  “Mijn Blik” on a large scale? And are you willing to use and share your knowledge, skills and talents to support us in our ambition? Than you are more than welcome to join our team!

Expressure 2.0

Foot ulcers are one of the most imporant complications of diabetic patients, when talking about quality of life of the patients, but also for social health-costs. The risk of diabetic foot-ulcers could be decreased by early indication of the risk and by producing fitted, orthopedic shoes to minimize pressure on the foot. However, at the moment, these shoes are developed based on expertise of the therapist and sole-pressure mapping. Ulcers do not only orinate on the bottom of the foot, but also on the other sides. At the moment, there is no system available that measures the pressure between the entire foot and the shoe. Within the expressure project, the goal is to develop a textile sock with integrated sensors, that is able to 3D map the pressure of the foot, to give an optimal indication and to minimize the risk of foot-ulcers. As mentioned, foot ulcers are a huge problem in healthcare and healthcare-costs, think about the amount of people in the world with diabetis, and the extreme high risk of these foot ulcers. This means that a solution for this problem will be very much applauded in the medical field, and you could be the one working with us on this solution!

Creating a digital guide to stimulate technology in the chronic care

Together with other long-term care organisations in Deventer and surroundings, we focus at technology in health care. Technology can support clients and healthcare-workers during their (working) day. A great number of people, clients and healthcare-workers, are holding back in using technology. We want you to help us! To let them experience and educate them in the possibilities of technology. Take away the problems and make them excited. Look with them for new technologies that will fulfill their needs. When an demand for care starts, care providers often use known care. In other words, care by professionals. They forget the possibilities of care technologies. Simply because they don’t know them enough. If they want to learn about it, it turns out that the information is in different places. As a result, the healthcare professionale loses the overview and it costs to much time. Most times the healthcare technology doesn’t get deployed. We’d like to make information about healthcare technologies easily available to healthcare professionals in the region. At one place. Therefore, we want to create a data platform for caregivers. Former students have researched the needs of everyone. They made a package of requirements. With this package we organized a brainstorm session with entrepreneurs of the ‘Gasfbariek Deventer’. In the coming months we want to develop this into an miniimal valuable product. With a new group of students we want to go thrue further development. We also want to fill the system with data: which care technology is most optimal for specific care demands. We have the basics; we need to expand. So we need nursing students for the content and creative students to design or build the platform. We also need communication students to work out a communication plan for this great initiative in region Midden IJssel / Salland!

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