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This cluster consists of the following projects:

Increasing efficiency and automization within Customsneaker

We are looking to increase the productivity and efficiency within Customsneaker by automizing certain aspects within the customization process of our shoes. Furthermore, we are looking to expand to different branches of fashion by using our social media to start a fashion brand including (among others) caps, rugs, shirts, hoodies and jeans. We are also looking at the possibilities of outsourcing some of our processes to other parties to free up time to work on different project. This way we want to create a consistent cash flow which we can use to kickstart multiple projects within our company. Starting with the automization of the customising business. We are looking at different possibilities which we can look to expand our business with.

Battle for financial Grolle

During the Eighty Years’ War (1568-1648), the struggle of the rebellious states of the Netherlands against Spain was led by William of Orange and his sons Maurice and Frederick Henry. The Achterhoek, but also large parts of Brabant, Limburg and Overijssel, were the battleground of the Eighty Years’ War in the second half of the 17th century. There is absolutely no question of a Golden Age here. During the Battle of Grolle, the siege of the town of ‘Grol’ was relived in the summer of 1627. On 20 July 1627, the State Army under the command of Prince Frederick Henry came to ‘the starcke stadt Groll’. An event that briefly, but very emphatically, puts the town at the centre of national history. Every two years the three-day event “Battle of Grolle” takes place in October, with over 25,000 visitors, including 1500 re-enactors who can practise their hobby for three days in Groenlo. Due to the large number of visitors and participants, various funds (digital and physical) are used. Now the organisation wants to get a better grip on the physical (cash) money flows during the event by enticing visitors to make more use of digital payments. Given the cash flows, it is important to have a real time picture of what has been sold at the cash registers (cash and debit card) and thus also to have a real time picture of how many people are inside. Visitor management in combination with revenue management are two important factors that influence visitor numbers and thus revenue streams. This can also include the early stimulation of merchandising, catering sales, parking ticket sales, package sales, etc.

Smart Merchandise

Brand Your Merch is a fashion brand building agency with seven years of experience in the fashion industry. Besides designing fashion for our own brands and the brands of the partners we work with, we have creative ideas to use fashion and merchandise in a ‘smart’ way. The goal is to increase the experience of the fan/follower/customer by bringing them closer to the brand through Smart Merchandise. Think of Smart Merchandise in the most creative way you can. Smart fabrics (color changing fabrics, glow-in-the-dark prints, lightbolts in a product), a t-shirt connected to an app to give something to the customer, a print that connects with a Snapchat filter, QR-codes printed inside a t-shirt that connect to a special offer. The possibilites are endless. As far as we are concerned: you are the expert and you can help us find a high quality product that will change the market of merchandise. How cool is that? We are looking for enthousiastic students who really want to make something unique during this Smart Solutions Semester. Let’s do this together!

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